Sexual Health Advice

Condoms come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours and flavours. All of these differences are designed to suit different personal preferences and needs, as well as to enhance pleasure.

Unfortunately, this can sometimes complicate the process of choosing condoms, especially for first time buyers. So here we have put together a short guide to help you choose the perfect condom for your tastes and requirements. 


Like men, penises come in different shapes — and so do condoms. Most have straight sides, with a reservoir (or teat) at the end to collect the semen.
But some men are a little bigger at the head, so some condoms are ‘shaped’ to accommodate this.
Other condoms are slightly narrower below the head and along the shaft, to hug the contours of the penis more closely.


Condoms are designed to fit snugly around the penis, so it is important that you select a condom which is suited to your size. The vast majority of penis sizes are catered for by the big brand condoms stocked by Rubber Soul.


Condom thickness is more of a personal preference than anything for both the wearer and the partner. The thickness of the condom can affect the sensation felt by both parties.

Thinner condoms may be preferred by those who wish to feel every sensation, whilst thicker condoms may be preferential for those who wish to control their stimulation (perhaps in order to last longer).


Condoms can be fun as well as practical, providing an extra element of excitement to sex. Offering additional sensations and features; special condoms are popular with those looking to add an extra dimension to their sex life.

These features include fun flavours and sexy stimulants such as extra ribs and dots or cooling and warming sensations.


Condoms are usually made from either:

·Latex: a kind of natural rubber.

·Non-Latex: a type of plastic. These are popular amongst people who are allergic to latex.

Industry Standards

When choosing condoms, it is important to check whether they are marked with British and European safety standard marks. The CE and Kite marks demonstrate that the condoms are safe to use, authorised by the British Standards Institution and the EU, as well as meeting the requirements of the Medical Device Directive.

The CE mark indicates that the product meets the requirements of the Medical Device Directive, which covers the safety and efficacy of the product and is a legal requirement to be able to sell the product in the EU. This includes compliance with essential requirements of product risk assessment, bio-compatibility testing, examination of clinical data, and in process testing during manufacture.
The Kite mark is a UK product and service quality certification mark which is owned and operated by the British Standards Institution (BSI), who issues a licence to manufacturers whose products comply with this quality standard. In order for manufacturers to apply the Kite mark to their product packaging, the BSI independently tests these products.

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